Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Bloomington Lake...rope swing
This is our friend Eric. We went to Logan about two weeks ago. Bloomington
Lake is an hour east of Logan, by Bear Lake. It was really pretty that day.

Great G-ma
This is Dave's grandma (Mom's mom), Erma Young, holding Ande
in Logan.

Pillow Fort
One of the many times Ande got fussy. So Dave decided to pile the pillows on and he
was quiet and eventually had a good time. Now when he starts up, sometimes a pillow
on the tummy works great.

One for the Lorax who speaks for the trees
Dr. Suess rules! He loves his books.


super advanced said...

Ah yes, Bloomington Lake.

great americans said...

oh man. why haven't we ever gone to bloomington lake. that looks sweet. your baby is so cute! miss you guys
ashli and todd

great americans said...

hey, what is your recipes for tortillas? we tried to make our own. it was weird.