Thursday, November 1, 2007

What's up...lots of new pictures

We took Ande to a pumpkin 
"Please don't fall on me big thing."

We didn't dress him up as anything, but he looks
pretty good in these pumpkin pj's. I think he liked
it better this way.

Now that it's colder outside, this is the new set
up before we go hiking. Dave is slightly annoyed with me.

Just a pretty picture...
This was the view 
outside our window
 the other night. 

1 comment:

great americans said...

long time no blog, i cant believe your baby is that big, kikkert you child doesnt look like you sorry, i want to kill myself when i saw the pictures of you in logan, snowing, surfing, hiking up the cottonwoods. other than that things are cool down here, the surfing pic was sweet, were coming home for xmas, skiing, skiing, then i will eat and sleep,