Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Oh Ande, being with you is almost as good as skiing"... Dave Kikkert

Ande's first real backcountry experience...
Toledo Bowl, Little Cottonwood Canyon
May, 10

Ande...just after waking up from a mid-slope nap

Black and White...

Dave hiking with Ande


Colby said...

Ande's descent of toledo is seriously awesome. He was totally grinning and loving it! future ripper for sure. nice teton pics too! We really do need to boat the Logan. I'd be down to join you...we are currently moving outta our house and it's kinda crazy, but gimme a call...801-231-1063. drove the canyon today and the logan is looking very nice.

toddash said...

that was so cute. this is todd. just kidding. todd wouldn't say that. but i loved it! we want to see you guys!