Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To urge, to inspire

Last night, Dave and I watched a documentary entitled, Sharkwater.  Yes, obviously I was inspired by the movie, but I was discouraged, feeling like there was nothing I, a stay at home Mom could do.  But there is and even though it's not a lot, it's a start. I am urging all of you to do some research and learn about sharks and all the other marine life that are being taken for totally useless purposes.  Do the research for yourselves to find out where the fish you ate at that restaurant last night came from and why you should or shouldn't eat it.  I know some of you are thinking, "this is ridiculous". I know for a fact there are some in my family that are thinking this.  You may also be thinking "animals are ours for the taking" and have a totally selfish perspective and in response I am speechless at such irresponsible thought, but ok fine, I still urge you to think again.  I am just asking you to look at the information and look at how much of an impact you have on these animal's lives, which in turn affects ours.  If you don't care, fine, but at least you looked.  I hope some information has enough of an impact that you think twice before you eat bluefin tuna, shark, or salmon.   Animals have a huge impact on our quality of life, not just for enjoyment or having a companion, but they literally affect everything.  If you destroy an entire population, we and other animals will surely suffer.  If we don't suffer for it now, we will sooner or later and it will be too late.  All we can say is, "that was stupid" and starve.  Since animals don't have the ability to "voice" their opinion or show us how they feel we, as humans, have a duty to take care of them and provide for them a quality of life we would want for ourselves.  No I am not vegetarian, that doesn't mean I am ruthless about eating meat.  Just think next time before you put that fish in your mouth.  Please scroll down for web sites. 

My personal favorite, the Whale Shark

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