Friday, October 9, 2009

Thanks and other stuff

First off - thanks to all who donated to the Light the Night Leukemia and Lymphoma fundraiser.  It is hard to donate to things like cancer research, but since there is a good chance I will get cancer in the future, I figure its just an investment in my future treatment.  For an article on why donating to research is HERE.

The Light the Night Walk at Sugarhouse Park

Park City

Park City - Soda still likes being outside, he's just a lot slower

Capitol Reef - Ande could have spent the whole day in the creek

Capitol Reef

 Capitol Reef - Everything must be done running

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toddash said...

hey you guys! ande (and soda) are looking so cute! i wish we could see him! how are you guys doing? we should have hung out more. Love you... ashli and todd