Sunday, November 8, 2009


For those who don't know, Soda died of cancer last week, Nov. 2.  It was either leukemia or lymphoma, we never really found out for sure as the test was expensive and would not have changed anything.  We were with him at home when he died.  The first instinct after he is gone is to say "he was a good dog."  Well, Soda may not have always been a "good" dog in that he was fiercely independent, never listened,  ran away, and chased moose, deer, and any other wildlife that came across his path. However, he was always a good friend.  I would never trade a good friend for an obedient one.  Soda has been with us through everything, from spending every night by my side as I worked for the wilderness program, to us getting married, having kids, etc.  Most of all I think we will remember him as a ski partner.  Soda loved being outside and especially outside in snow -- I think even more than me -- it is where he was truly home.  A lot of the time we lived in Logan and I was doing avalanche work, I did not always have a ski partner, but, I always had Soda.  He skied with me and hung out in my snowpits nearly every day I was out.  I don't have to think hard to realize I have skied more days with that dog than any single person. As he got older and would get too tired for long backcountry ski days, he became Ruth's Millcreek Canyon ski friend.  He would be 10 years old this January.

He really was our best friend and we will miss him.

Thanks for all the happiness Soda!

We have a new computer...and don't really know where most our pictures are...but the video below pretty much sums up how we will remember him.


Beth said...

Love you Soda

Brian and Claudia said...

So sweet. He was definitely a funny dog. I was constantly laughing at him when he stayed with us for a couple of months. And the first time I met him was on the USU campus. Brian and I were walking along and there he was. By himself! What a goof. I'm sorry for your loss. Sage is almost 11--her turn is coming to join Soda in the big doggie park in the sky.